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Late Dr. K. N. Modi and Smt. Ginni Modi who candled the light of higher education and research in Modinagar to provide professional and technical education.

Way back in 1942 they established a non-profit making organisation and undertook the bold venture of performing service to society through a non-governmental education system. Under the aegis of Late Dr. K.N. Modi, Foundation was established. It has a track record of excellence in education for more than six decades.

Founder's Message

The philosophy of Modi Enterprises has been to provide meaningful contribution in those Areas that encompass the overall development of the country. For this reason, the group has given priority and attention to “education” at all levels which is one of the most important factor for general prosperity and progress.

Today there is argent need to create a pool of far sighted professionals with commitment And dedication in the areas of business, industry, health-care, medicine technology etc. to become world leaders our professional Institutions in these front line areas would have to define their priorities and train the prospective professionals for meeting the challenges for modern day society. It is in keeping with this mission, we have established “K.N. Modi Foundation” to promote and develop professional education Institutions.

The Foundation first founded Center of Management, Modinagar in 1983. Later Dr. K.N. Modi Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Dr. K.N. Modi Institute of Engg. & Technology, Modinagar were established in 1991 and 1995. In addition, CMD Global (PGDM),Dr. K.N. Modi Girls Engg. College ,Centre for Hotel Management & Catering Technology, KNGD Modi institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research KNGD Modi Institute of Fine Arts,have also come up recently.

Plans are in progress to create:

1. Dr. K.N. Modi University, Newai - Jaipur, Rajasthan.
2. CMD International (PGDM)
3. CMD Institute of Journalism & Mass Communication
4. CMD Institute of Retail Management
5. CMD Institute of Law Education
6. KNGD Institute of Nursing

The Foundation envisions that Modinagar once called industrial city gets converted into a world class renowned educational centre.It is heartening to know that CMD,KNMIPER and KNMIET have shown remarkable Consistency in terms of their commitment to scale new heights of excellence year after year and thus, set benchmarks in the area of professional and technical education.

I extend my best wishes to the faculty, staff and students of these Institutes.

Late Dr. K.N. Modi