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Welcome To Dr. K. N. Modi Global School

With the blessings of Almighty, we are today adding another feather to the glorious cap of Dr K. N. Modi Foundation in the form of Dr K. N. Modi Global School. We have been taking care of the educational requirements in the country for the last almost seven decades. There has been a long time requirement of a School that imparts knowledge to face the new challenges in this complex world. Today, we are glad to have come up with a School that not only help students be citizens of a global world but also make them better human beings.
The School provides its students with best possible infrastructure be it science labs, library, computers and recreational facilities as well.

Today's Slogan

Positive Parenting

A time will come when your child will spend more time with T.V. friends and clothes than with you! Accept and respect these changing needs of your child. It certainly doesn't mean that love has vanished.

By Dr. N.P. Singh

Our Toppers

Our Core Teachers