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Our holistic education in geared towards bringing out the best in the mind, body and soul of the child. Our enquiry-based approach encourages children to become creative and original thinkers and enjoy the learning experience through a varied spectrum of indoor and outdoor activities, wide use of information technology and project work.


The curriculum in designed to cover a wide range of subjects like science, history, civics, geography, language arts and mathematics, through transdisciplinary teaching The visual and performing arts as well as physical education are an integral part of the curriculum. It enables students to gain an understanding and appreciation of India and global issues and provides a program of active, child-centered learning based on a progression from concrete to abstract thinking.

Our classes are interactive having an average of 20 students each. Students don’t sit in class day after day, listening to the teacher’s lecture. Extensive research has shown that the best learning method is through constant team work and collaboration. Not only is it more fun and more effective, it is the way the world works and best prepares one for life beyond the classroom.


• English as a First Language from class K.G. onwards 
• Hindi as Second language from class I to X
• French and Spanish as Third language from class V onwards