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About Us

Welcome to Dr. K. N. Modi School

Dr. K. N. Modi Global School represents what education will look in the decades to come - indeed what it must like if we are to have a future marked by peace, sustain ability and ingenuity. Our dedicated teachers mentor and care for children as their own. By example and word, they instill the virtues of compassion and good citizenship. Beyond the classroom, students develop their talent through a wide array of opportunities in athletics and the performing arts. Our innovative approach to teaching and learning stands as a model for institutions Nationwide.

Dr. Kedar Nath Modi Foundation, has been in the field of Education for the last over six decades. The Foundation has thirteen running Educational Institutions under its umbrella, which are dedicated to offer an unrivaled learning, self – development and career building environment and facilities.

The Foundation is, one of its kind- it is committed to the field of Education as well as Social Service. It takes pride in promoting Indian Values and culture. It has a Sanskrit Vidyapeeth- where teaching is based on Gurukul Pattern, the only Sanskrit Vidyapeeth to have Computer Lab and awarding degrees of Acharya and Shastri.

The Foundation supports National Society for the Prevention of Blindness, and their Ophthalmic Research Center, where more than 2 lakh surgeries have been done. This Center, which has state of art equipment and the facility of Corneal Transplant, conducts subsidized eye surgery for the poor. The Foundation has adopted many villages and converted them into Cataract Free Villages.

The philosophy of Modi Enterprises has been to provide meaningful contribution in those areas that encompass the overall development of the country. For this reason, the Group has given priority and attention to “EDUCATION” at all levels that are one of the most important factors for general prosperity and progress.